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John Fellers started his multi-media career at the age of 12, where he learned to play trumpet and piano. He quickly learned the art of audio engineering while in high school and college, recording concert bands and orchestras. His hobby of photography helped him merge the art of sound and visuals later in his life.

After spending six years playing tuba in the Wichita Symphony and performing in many jazz venues playing the string bass, John moved to Los Angeles, where he played in various groups and recorded at Warner Brothers and other studios.

Photography and video soon became his passion, and within a few years, he became “the guy” who had great audio along with excellent video, which was lacking in other providers. Since John is also an audio-video technician, he can service his own equipment, which is invaluable while in remote areas.




Dick Clark Prod


US Postal Service






MET-Rx Engineered Foods

Nature Made

Tastee Freez







John became a well known event and P.R. photographer for clients such as The ABC Entertainment Center, Playboy and several Public Relations companies in the Los Angeles area. Many of his photos have been published in Playboy Magazine and even in the National Enquirer,,,no John isn't a paparazzi, he is specifically paid for his jobs.

Now as a Director of Photography, editor and producer, John Fellers has widened his talent to many skills, such as: DVD authoring, 3D video, Technical Director and live streaming to the web. His streaming expertise has included the Michael Jackson premiere, American Music Awards, Golden Globe, various movie premieres and The Academy Awards.

John has D.P. and edited several successful infomercials such as LazerVision Pinhole Glasses, How to Get Free Money from the Government, and has worked on several infomercials for Guthy-Renker.

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